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When storms hit, surely the amount of damage that can be caused to your home is immeasurable. Roof damage that is caused from storms accounts for millions, if not billions of dollars in repair each year. Severe rains, hail and gusting winds can cause severe damage to a home, and specifically to your roof. However, it can be difficult to spot and recognize when storm damage roof repairs are necessary following a storm. Your best first step to determining any damage that has occurred is to simply take a walk around your house after the storm and look for any signs of damage to the exterior of your home. Typically, if there has been significant roof damage, you will surely be able to see the damage at first look, but more often than not a closer viewing and inspection is required.

Roof Damage Following a Storm

The damage that can be caused to your roof from hail, winds and other stormy weather conditions goes well beyond the shingles. If hail is the culprit, it is important to check the vents, flashing and exhaust caps on your roof in addition to the shingles. When looking for signs of roof damage, rain gutters or spouts with dings, dents or bends are a sure indication of roof storm damage. Giving a close check for leaks in your roof or ceiling is also critical to your post storm inspection along with torn seams which can lead to serious water damage and mold infestation over time.

Here at Milliken’s Roofing, our highly skilled and professional roof specialists are here to take care of all your storm roof damage. We are here to answer questions, address concerns, perform a full post storm inspection of your roof, and to provide our top of the line roof repair services to take care of all your damage needs. After a storm has hit, homeowners are often concerned about potential damage to their roof, and, as mentioned, above it is sometimes difficult to spot and verify roof damage which is why it is important to reach out to our professionals whenever you feel your home may have suffered storm roof damage.

Our expert team will come out to your home and perform a thorough inspection and analysis of your roof identifying any damage that may be present. Upon completion of the inspection, we will provide you with a full estimate of all the roof repairs necessary in order to restore your roof to its healthy pre-storm condition. We recognize that most, if not all of our valued clients, have home owner’s insurance to which a claim can be filed.

Damage to your roof as the result of a storm is indeed a valid repair claim to your insurance company. With that said, we advise all our clients of the importance of identifying roof damages early on so as to be able to report the damages to their insurance company in the timelines required by your individual homeowners insurance policy. If you wait too long to identify the damages and ultimately to repair them, they may not be covered by your insurance because the timelines to report may have lapsed.

Keeping in mind that nearly 90 percent of all roof storm damage cannot be seen or identified from the ground level below, it is not wise for homeowners to simply think that their roof and home survived the storm without damage. Because you are not able to view the damage from the ground level, it is not wise to simply assume that your roof survived any storm damage at all. For this reason, it is important to call in the professionals here at Milliken’s Roofing to come out and perform a roof inspection to determine if, in fact, your home has suffered storm roof damage of any type.

If you are uncertain whether or not your roof has suffered storm damage and whether or not it may be in need of professional roof repairs, then take a moment to call out to the experts here at Milliken’s Roofing and schedule an appointment for a roof inspection and analysis today. We look forward to serving you and, if necessary, to providing you with our superior storm roof repairs and to restoring safety and comfort for you and your family again.

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