Spring is finally here and surely you are ready for the comfortable spring temperatures. However, let’s not forget all the hardships your roof endured during the bitter long winter months with excessive snow accumulations, icing conditions and gusting winds. You may have missed some roof maintenance issues that need to be addressed. With that said, now that spring is here you want to get your roof looking good again while ensuring that it is secure enough to provide shelter and safety for your family. To accomplish this task, you can simply reach out to the professionals here at Milliken’s Roofing.

Our qualified and highly skilled technicians are here to get your roof prepped for the spring and summer months ahead. Since climbing those not so sturdy ladders and standing atop your roof can be quite risky, it is best to rely upon the professionals to tend to all roof maintenance needs.

Roof damaged by stormWhen prepping your roof, it is important to begin by examining any wear and tear that might be present near the roof valleys. Typically, water damage is present since the water runs down the valleys into your gutter system and, therefore, makes your roof valleys quite susceptible to damage. Next, it is important to inspect asphalt shingles for any cracks or other damage. After the long hard winter months, you are apt to find that you have broken shingles or even shingles that are missing altogether.

It is imperative that the vent pipes and chimney on your roof are also thoroughly inspected looking for any gaps, cracks, missing caulk or other damage. Our technicians will also take time to inspect the trim, flashing and other areas around the chimney in search of loose shingles, wear, tear and cracks. Once our technicians have completed their inspection of your roof, they will assess your roof overhangs for any water stains and move onward to the inside of your home.

On the inside of your home, we will give much attention to your ceilings seeking out signs of discoloration or staining on your ceiling which will indicate that leaks are present and roof repairs are required.

Nashville RoofsAfter analyzing any and all problems that were detected, our roofing specialists will go over all the results of their inspection and assist you in your decision making process. The majority of the time professional, quick fixes are suitable for the necessary repairs of your roof in preparation of the spring and summer seasons. However, a roof replacement may be required if your roof has suffered excessive damage over the winter months. Once it has been determined that a roof replacement is not necessary at this time, then our roofing specialists will come in and perform adequate roof repairs in our efforts to alleviate the need for an entire roof replacement. We will quickly and easily replace missing or damaged shingles, perhaps apply some new roofing cement, and even resolve minor leaks that may be present. Remember, though the winter months can be harsh, unless your roof has truly suffered severe damage and presents with challenging repairs, the need to replace your roof is probably not the case at all.

If the only logical option to resolving your roof repairs and roof problems is a roof replacement, then surely our highly skilled and trained technicians will alert you to that point. Overall, however, as we have seen time and time again, spring roof maintenance more times than not involves the replacement of some missing and damaged shingles and repair to a handful of minor leaks, all of which can be professionally performed by our technicians here at Milliken’s roofing. Contact us today for your spring roof inspection and let us get your roof back to its pre-winter condition and give your family peace of mind to know that you will all be safe, sound and secure for the upcoming spring summer and fall months ahead.

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