Most homeowners have to purchase at least one roof for their home in their lifetime. With that said, we here at Milliken’s Roofing company in Nashville wanted to share with our clients and readers the overall ‘language’ or terminology used by roofing contractors. Understanding and knowing the language and terminology can certainly be helpful when homeowners are discussing their roofing needs and issues with any roofing company in Nashville, and certainly with ours. In addition, a familiarity with the language will be beneficial when it comes time to look at and review your roofing quote or estimate from your contractor of choice.

The Terminology, the Lingo and the Language

Roofing Company in NashvilleWe will provide you with an alphabetical list of common words below that are used in the roofing industry and will afford you a brief definition or explanation of each.

Aluminum – Aluminum is a non-rusting metal that is used in roofing specifically for metal roofing and for the fabrication of gutters and flashing as well.

Aluminized Steel – Aluminized steel is sheet steel that consists of a thin aluminum coating on the surface that serves to enhance the steel’s overall ability to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Dormer – A dormer is a small structure projecting from a sloped roof, usually with a window. It is primarily used in attics to add some level of lighting and an attractive design to the constructed house.

Decking – Decking is the surface of the roof, usually plywood or a strand board.

Drip Edge – A drip edge is an L-shaped strip typically made out of metal that is installed along the edges of the roof in order to allow water to run off the drip clear of the deck, the eaves and the siding.

Eaves – These are the lower edges of the roof that normally you will see overhanging beyond the edge of the house.

Fascia – Fascia is a trim board behind the gutters and eaves.

Felt – Felt is a tar paper that is used by professional roofers, and is typically made of a combination of asphalt and paper.

Fire Rating – This is a system used for classifying the fire resistances of multiple materials. Roofing materials are given ratings of Class A, B, or C with Class A materials being those that have the highest resistance to fires originating outside of the house structure.

Flashing – A flashing is either sheet metal or other material that is used at the junctions of different planes on the roof and is used to prevent seepage of water around vent pipes, chimneys, valleys and joints connected to vertical walls.

Gable – A gable is a triangular shaped part of the end of a structure located underneath the roof and above the main part of the house or structure.

Galvanized Steel – Galvanized steel is steel that is coated with zinc that aids in corrosion resistance.

Gutter – This is a channel made of sheet metal that is installed along the down slope of a roof to control runoff water from the roof to the downspouts.

Hip – A hip is the external angle located at the junction of two sides of a roof where supporting walls are adjoined.

Joist – A joist is a horizontal structural presence over which sheathing is nailed and comes into play on a flat roof.

Louvers – These are slatted devices that are installed in either a gable or soffit and are used to ventilate air temperature and equalize the temperature as well under the roof deck.

Membrane – The membrane is the part of the roofing system that is accountable for waterproofing.

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