Most people understand the importance of inspecting your roof and roofing systems, both in the spring and in the fall, but at minimal once per year. The inspection of your roof is essential to be certain that your roof is in order and can handle any type of inclement weather or storms that can occur year round. There are several elements that should be properly viewed and inspected to ensure the health and overall strength of your roof and the professionals at Milliken’s Roofing are here to do just that.

Our Wide Range of Roofing Services

At Milliken’s Roofing we are committed and dedicated to providing all our Nashville and Middle Tennessee customers with all the tools and insight needed to ensure the safety and physical condition of their roofs. We are equipped to perform roof repairs of any type and magnitude or even provide replacement of a roof if need be. Our award winning company is, by far, one of the best all round roofing companies Nashville has ever known. Our superior services include emergency roof repair, standard roof repairs, roof improvement, roof replacement, and both residential and commercial roofing systems for all types of roofs. We at Milliken’s Roofing are proud of our state of the art professional roofing services and procedures and our experienced and skilled roofing contractors and roofers. In addition, we take tremendous pride in our added services we render for inspecting your roof throughout the year.

Professional Roof Inspections

Our experienced roofers are trained and qualified to perform thorough and accurate inspections of both residential and commercial roofs of all types. We are here to offer all our customers the insight needed for the performance of necessary preventative maintenance of your roof which most assuredly includes inspecting your roof at least once per year. At Milliken’s Roofing we understand the importance of a thorough roof inspection and recognize that many homeowners, because of the many safety issues, prefer to contract a professional inspector for purposes of determining the condition of their roof by inspecting your roof. There may be repairs that are needed and, in some case, a whole new roof replacement may be required. Whatever the end result may be, our experienced roofers will come out to your home or business and conduct a professional roof inspection which will include checking for each of the following items:

  • Cracked caulking or weathered/rust spots on the flashing of the roof
  • Roof shingles that may be either buckling, blistering, or curling up
  • Roof shingles that are missing altogether or even broken
  • Worn and weathered rubber boots around vent pipes
  • Abundant areas of moss, lichen and black algae stains

It is important to address each and any of these issues that may present themselves during the course of our professional inspection. Our expert roofers are equipped and trained to provide all levels of roof repairs and will always suggest satisfactory and affordable repairs before resorting to a full replacement of your roof after inspecting your roof. We understand full well how expensive and costly replacing your roof can be and, therefore, make every attempt to resolve your roofing issues discovered during our inspection by way of effective roofing repairs first.

We are truly all about our customers and our primary focus is on the satisfaction and happiness of all our Nashville customers and those in Middle Tennessee as well. With our simple mission statement founded on 100% customer satisfaction of all our customers, we at Milliken’s Roofing are proud of our overall company policies, procedures, ethics and integrity that have earned us a spot at the top of the leaderboard in our marketplace and in the industry as a whole. We have been awarded time and time again for our excellence and performance and are proud of our abundant positive customer reviews and feedback which are a true testament to our company’s success.

Repairing Your Roof With Our Simple Fixes

If, in our inspection, we determine that you have loose, damaged, or even missing shingles we will replace them immediately so as to secure the physical condition and safety of your roof. Further, if we notice that the flashing on your roof has separated around your chimney, or attic vents, we will promptly reseal them with caulk and secure them once again. Finally, if we notice that the flashing on your roof or your vent boots are beginning to rust and deteriorate then we recommend that both be replaced. Our expert roofers will always administer professional roof repairs to resolve your problems before suggesting that you are in need of a new replacement roof. We will always go the extra mile to apply simple fixes to your roof when possible, rather than having our valued customers have to incur high costs for a replacement roof if it is not necessary.

Our Check List for Early Signs of a Potential Roof Leak

Our professionals will also take the time to provide our customers with an effective check list they should use year round to determine whether or not there is a potential roof leak problem in the making. We educate our homeowners on the signs and conditions they should be on the look out for so as to avoid any serious damages and costly repairs. When signs of a roof leak are noticed, we strongly suggest to our clients that they reach out immediately to our professional teams for repair of the issues thereby avoiding any major roofing problems from occurring.

These simple signs to look for when we are inspecting your roof include 1) dark spots or areas that are noticed on your ceilings, 2) peeling paint noticed on the underside of roof overhangs, 3) water stains on water heater or furnace venting pipes and 4) damp spots alongside of your fireplace. Homeowners should give primary attention to this checklist and be alert when it comes to detecting potential roof leak issues. We at Milliken’s Roofing are here to take care of all these preliminary issues as they arise in order to keep your roof in healthy physical condition and to avoid costly repairs or the replacement of your roof altogether.

No Need to Replace Your Roof

If you are diligent in having your roof inspected at least once per year, and give close attention to our checklist for potential roof leaks, then surely homeowners will not find it necessary to incur hefty costs to have a complete roof replacement. Homeowners should keep in mind that when you repair or even replace your roof you not only enhance the appearance of your home, but you increase the overall value of the home as well, which is why inspecting your roof and having our roofers fix any simple issues is necessary to do at least once per year. Further, simple safety reasons make it important to maintain the appearance and health of your roof as well.

By reaching out and contacting our roofing inspectors and experts at Milliken’s Roofing, you can be sure we will afford you that peace of mind needed to know that your roof is safe, secure, healthy and in excellent physical condition for yet another year. Contact us today. We are looking forward to easing your mind, inspecting your roof, performing any needed repairs, and enhancing the safety and look of your beautiful family home.

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