Enduring all these extreme Nashville temperatures during the last few weeks of summer can make it much easier for you to give some thought to the winter months ahead and the care and maintenance of your roof. Nobody wants to think about snow and ice on your roof in the middle of August, but how quickly those winter days will find their way into our lives and how quickly you will be faced with rain, snow and ice issues.

Winter storms can surely have a direct effect on the condition and structure of your roof. It is important for homeowners to fully understand the signs of weather damage, to recognize these very signs, and to take necessary steps to repair your roof once it becomes damaged from severe weather. Some very common signs of roof damage include broken shingles, missing shingles, dents, cracks, holes, and leaks in the roof. These types of damages can be the result of heavy winds that can actually bend and tear roof shingles, while ice dams and excessive accumulation of snow on a roof can cause more serious damages.

At Milliken’s Roofing, we are all about roofs. Our certified and licensed technicians and installers are committed to providing all our Nashville clients with top of the line roof repair services and roofing installations in response to the many cold weather damages that can occur.   Using only state of the art equipment and innovative techniques and procedures, our qualified and highly experienced team of repair technicians and installers have been recognized time and time again for not only our quality services and products but are affordable prices and our service warranties as well.

What Effect Can Heavy Snow Accumulations Have on your roof?

Though heavy snow is accountable for a variety of challenges and problems throughout the winter months, one of the most common and yet severe damage issues snow causes is that of snow accumulation on roof tops. When heavy snow accumulates on your roof its weight causes a great deal of stress to the roof, which over time, weakens the roof altogether.

In addition to this obvious roof damage issue, snow can also contribute to excessive damage to your roof shingles by way of melting and refreezing into ice. When the snow melts and then refreezes it allows a great deal of moisture to get into the shingles which then expands and wears out the shingles much quicker than they should.

What are Ice Dams and how do they affect my Roof?

Ice_dam_slate_roofIce dams are created when the ice and snow that has accumulated on your roof melts, and before it has a chance to actually drain, it freezes all along the edges and eaves of your roof. The formed ice on your roof then keeps water from running off of your roof. When this occurs, because the water cannot run off of the roof, it will find its way under the roof shingles and eventually into the roof or the house itself.

There are times when so much ice accumulates, forming large ice dams that result in rain gutters and even the flashing being torn right off of the roof. Should you experience these issues you can try taking a hammer and a chisel and chisel away at the ice on your roof to loosen it up or perhaps use a long handled rake, broom or other tool to scrape as much of the ice as possible off of the rooftop.

However, we here at Milliken’s Roofing advise all our Nashville clients to reach out to our professional roof repair technicians when these problems arise and allow our trusted and highly experienced teams to resolve your snow and ice roof issues. Attempting to climb a ladder in the midst of the cold and icy winter months and clearing away excessive snow and heavy layers of ice can be very dangerous which is why we recommend you call in the experts to take care of all your winter roof damage needs.

Though winter is not yet upon us, it couldn’t hurt to start giving some serious thoughts to any existing roof problems you may have and contract our repair techs to resolve your roof issues long before the dangerous and extreme winter weather is here. If you are missing shingles, need repair to your gutters, have broken shingles or any leaks currently on your roof, the time is now to reach out to our friendly and very professional technicians for the repair of all your roofing problems. Don’t let the snow and ice of the winter months sneak up on you. Contact us today and let us prep your roof for the cold winter challenges that are just around the corner.

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