Roof damaged by storm


Every roof, on every house, can suffer from a wide range of problems and issues. However, there are common roof components that tend to pose the greatest number of problems for homeowners. These specific roof issues are very easy for homeowners to spot and to identify and many times even repair on their own. However, if you feel that you are not able to attack these problems because you are not comfortable to access your roof and feel that the scope of the work is far beyond your capabilities then surely you want to hire a team of professionals. Here at Milliken’s Roofing all our technicians and installers are licensed and certified to handle all types of roof system problems and to handle any and all types of roof installations and replacements as well.

Three Common Roof System Issues

Though roof problems can be varied, here are three of the most common roof components that can lead to issues with your roof system. First and foremost, are the shingles. Shingles offer style and protection to your roof, but, over time, can curl, buckle and discolor. In addition, when shingles are missing from your roof, they tend to cause underlying wood to rot or cause other damage as well. If you notice missing shingles on your roof, then surely it is time to call in our professionals to make necessary repairs and replace the shingles as needed.

The second common roof component that leads to problems is that of the gutters. The gutters are specifically installed to keep water flowing away from your home’s foundation and also to protect the overall structural integrity of the house. If you do not take proper care of your gutters and have them cleaned and repaired regularly, water and debris can build up in them and ultimately cause mold under your roof.

It is important you make certain that your gutters have a downward pitch to the downspouts in order for water to flow properly. Here at Milliken’s Roofing we suggest a minimum of a quarter inch slope for every 10 feet of gutters in order for your gutter system to operate properly and effectively.

If you find that water begins to accumulate in the gutters, then clearly you do not have enough of a pitch. Further, you want to be certain that your downspouts are extended at least four or five feet away from the house so that the water will not end up collecting in your basement. The cost of gutter extensions is minimal, and certainly the effects of the extensions are maximized. Over time they actually serve to preserve your home’s foundation as well.

Typically gutter problems can be a DIY project for homeowners, but again if you feel you cannot provide the necessary fix, surely our technicians can. When a gutter and its downspout get backed up with debris and standing water, they can also cause the gutters to sag. If they sag that is usually an indication that the hangers are damaged and need to be repaired and/or replaced.

Finally, the third most common roof component that leads to problems with your roof system is that of the flashings. The primary function of the flashings is to seal the edges of the roof system, perimeters, walls, valleys, and drains. Weather components and oxidization are the primary culprits that cause flashing to deteriorate, though when flashing becomes loose they can become damaged as well.

Roof system problems are common to all homeowners. If, however, you find any of these common roof problems or any other problems occurring with your roof system and are not comfortable to perform the repairs yourself, then simply give a call out to the professionals here at Milliken’s Roofing today. We look forward to serving you and to providing our top of the line roofing services as needed.

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