Nashville Animal Removal

When we replace roofs on older or even newer homes, we sometimes find critters that have nested in the home’s attic. Milliken’s Roofing is experienced handling the capture and safe removal of these animals. From snakes to raccoons, birds and squirrels, you can count on us to take care of any type of wildlife removal or wildlife trapping needs. Milliken’s is not only your trusted Nashville roofer, but also your trusted source for humane animal removal services.

Wildlife Removal Methods

Wildlife getting into homes is a normal part of home ownership. Typically birds, squirrels, raccoons, possum, and smaller rodents such as mice, rats and rabbits, will call your home, their home. Wildlife removal methods range from scaring with loud noises to trapping. Our preferred method of capture is to confine the animal to a space and make sure to cage it properly without harm. Some animal removal companies charge an arm and a leg for these services. With Milliken’s, you can count on us being fair and honest. We will also patch up the areas where animals enter to make sure more can’t come in through the same means.

Nashville animal removal is a much needed service in our area because we have so much wildlife due to heavily wooded areas and newly built homes and neighborhoods. Call us at Milliken’s or use the contact form below to let us take care of your animal removal needs.

Squirrel and Raccoon Removal

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