IMG_0730Milliken’s Roofing has been a trusted Nashville Roofer for nearly 2 decades. Beginning with his family, Jason Milliken was born into the roofing business. He learned the trade and the necessary skills to become a quality, qualified Nashville roofer from a young age. While helping his father with his roofing jobs, Jason was able to learn from a true pro. When Jason started Milliken’s roofing in Nashville, his goal was to bring quality, professional roofing services to the area and run the business from a customer service and customer satisfaction standpoint. He has been successfully providing quality roofing services to the Nashville area since founding Milliken’s Roofing over 25 years ago.

When accepting a new roofing job, or a roof repair job, Jason meets every single customer himself to make sure the project starts off with excellent customer service and a clear understanding of the services that will be provided. Jason aims to please every time. From clear, up-front pricing, to a hard deadline of completion, you will know exactly when the job will begin and end and how much it will cost you before we begin your roofing job.

We service and install all types of roofing from Metal Roofs to traditional asphalt shingles. There’s no job too large or too small for us to handle. Aside from roofing, we also specialize in animal and wildlife removal services. Occasionally we will find homeowners whose attics or crawl spaces have become a new home for outdoor critters such as raccoons, squirrels, birds and others. We can safely and humanely catch, trap, and relocate these animals to their proper space in the outdoors. In the process we also make sure your home’s exterior is sealed up to prevent future inhabitants.

We love to work with our customers in coming up with a clear plan of execution and budget for your roofing job. Many times, we will greatly discount our services in order to make it fit within your budget. Many questions you may have can be answered by us pertaining to the type of roof that’s right for your home, how much a roof replacement or repair may cost, and what you can expect in regards to maintenance of your roof. All of the roof installs come with a 15-year warranty so you can rest assured that we are installing a quality roof that’s going to last many years without the worry of a leak or failure due to poor installation or cutting corners.

If you’re looking for a trusted Nashville Roofer, you need not look any further than Milliken’s roofing. Please take a moment to read some of our customers’ reviews and testimonials, browse our services and our gallery, and check out our blog for informative articles about roofing and roofing options.